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GRCSU Proficiency Based Grading Information
If you missed the proficiency based grading presentation at your school’s open house, you can watch a recording of it here (link) or read through the presentation slides (link). For specific questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or your building principal.

Learn more about all the amazing opportunities PoES has to offer so that their students achieve outstanding skills to strive in education.

Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union 

  Vision and Mission: Lead, Aspire, Discover, Explore 

Poultney Elementary School, as part of the GRCSU, believes it is our mission to create an engaged learning community by empowering students to:

Learn independently and collaboratively; Explore their own passions and choose their own pathways; Aspire to achieve success; Discover their own roles as contributing members of local and global communities. 

Poultney Elementary School Goals 

  1. To promote learning and achievement for ALL students 
  2. To promote a climate and culture in which children, faculty and staff feel safe, nurtured, respected and valued
  3. To provide a holistic approach to teaching and learning, that fosters social emotional growth and well-being
  4. To provide opportunity for quality professional development that is embedded and seen as part of a continual process in the quest for lifelong learning 
  5. To increase academic proficiency by providing quality instruction that includes opportunities for student voice and choice

Poultney Elementary School is privileged to work with children as they learn and grow socially, emotionally and academically. Our school has seen a trend of increased enrollment, currently serving two-hundred forty students. We are fortunate to have twenty-two  educators of Highly Qualified Status, eight Instructional Assistants, as well support services to meet varied needs of our population. Poultney Elementary continues to have a strong partnership with Rutland Mental Health, and employs a Behavior Specialist and Licensed Clinicians on a full time basis; all who function in various capacities to support students in meeting expectations that are becoming ever more rigorous and demanding.

Through teamwork and dedication, Poultney Elementary School persists in embracing a vision that recognizes and respects all children for who they are and strives to assist them in achieving their goals and reaching their fullest potential. As the needs of children are ever changing, the school is fortunate to have the support of local businesses and organizations that help us in providing a quality education through collaboration on a variety of projects, activities and events. Students are encouraged to have voice and choice in their education, as well as build leadership skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors.  

Contributing to the aforementioned qualities, is the implementation of researched-based curriculum such as Fundations for Early Literacy, and comprehensive math practices which focus on non-negotiable skills and concepts that are aligned to state and national standards. Teachers work in collaborative groups to assist in promoting school-wide progress, which includes the review of math and literacy instruction and assessments, as well as investigating ways to address the social and emotional needs of children. 

Due to the expectations and rigor that come with the Common Core State Standards, as well as in embracing student self-direction, teachers have been diligent in collecting resources to be integrated into classroom practices that include hands-on and technology-based activities, all of which address the strengths and needs of each child. In addition, Poultney Elementary School students are fortunate to have 1:1 Chromebooks, grades K-6, that are used to access Google Classroom, SeeSaw and other online programs to challenge and support students in their skill acquisition.

These activities occur on an individual basis, as well as in small and whole groups; both within and outside of the classroom setting. As students take charge of their learning, school staff are able to encourage independence and foster leadership beginning in the early grades.

Fitness activities are supported by the school’s participation in Walk, Bike and Roll to School events, and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Through a partnership with Slate Valley Bike Trails, we were awarded a fleet of twenty-five bikes and helmets that students use in physical education classes; just another way students are inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The school is proud to invite parents and Poultney residents in often for celebrations and student-led assemblies; the annual Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies have become cherished events. VIP luncheons and barbecues as well as volunteering in classrooms are other means for parents to feel welcomed as participants in their child’s learning; and we hope that as COVID restrictions loosen, we will be able to get back to these things that make our school the special place that it is. School staff continue to be grateful for the support given by the residents of Poultney to their children and their education. 

Our educators are caring, energetic and committed to excellence and professionalism; there is not a better bunch! Above all else, students know that they are the top priority as they are welcomed with smiles each and every day.

Poultney Elementary School has been officially recognized as a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school. The tenets of this program promotes students in being proactive in building trusting relationships with peers. As part of the PBIS model, the STAR program is a school-wide behavior system that inspires all students to be safe, trustworthy, accepting and respectful through the use of common expectations and language. Please stop by Poultney Elementary School. You will be impressed by the school’s warm welcoming staff and students who are polite and eager to tell you about the treasures of their school and their town. Poultney is a great place to be!