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Lead, Aspire, Discover, Explore
Poultney Elementary School, as part of the GRCSU, believes it is our mission to create an engaged learning community by empowering students to:
Learn independently and collaboratively; Explore their own passions and choose their own pathways; Aspire to achieve success; Discover their own roles as contributing members of local and global communities.

Poultney Elementary School Goals

  1. To promote learning and achievement for ALL students
  2. To promote a climate and culture for learning in which children, faculty and staff feel safe and nurtured, respected and valued.
  3. To strengthen community and college partnerships, through increased communication and technological accessibility.
  4. To provide high quality professional development that is embedded and seen as part of a continual process in the quest for lifelong learning.
  5. To increase proficiency levels of students in the area of technology through integrated learning opportunities in order to prepare students for 21st Century Learning and future career paths.