Pit Vipers donates to PoES

Mr. Smith Donelon, a dedicated and passionate 3rd-grade teacher at Poultney Elementary School, has once again demonstrated his commitment to enhancing the educational experiences of his students by securing a significant donation for the school’s Pico Learn to Ski and Ride program.

This time, Mr. Donelon’s efforts have borne fruit in the form of a generous donation from Pit Viper, a leading company specializing in eye protection for outdoor enthusiasts. Pit Viper has graciously contributed over 20 pairs of UV-rated sunglasses, specifically designed for outdoor recreation. The estimated value of this donation surpasses $1750.00.

The students at Poultney Elementary School are thrilled about this contribution, which will provide them with top-notch eye protection as they delve into the exciting world of skiing and snowboarding. These high-quality sunglasses from Pit Viper will not only shield the students’ eyes from the sun but also enhance their safety and enjoyment during their skiing/ snowboarding experiences.

Mr. Donelon’s tireless dedication to securing donations for the school’s program has continually expanded the opportunities available to the students, enriching their educational journey beyond the classroom.

“We are immensely grateful to Pit Viper for their generous contribution to our Learn to Ski and Ride program. This donation will significantly enhance the experiences of our students and ensure they have the necessary gear to enjoy their skiing and riding adventures safely,” expressed Mr. Donelon.

The collaboration between Mr. Donelon and Pit Viper exemplifies the power of community engagement and corporate social responsibility, providing students with invaluable resources for their outdoor activities.


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