Social Media Safety Presentation

Yesterday, the founder of Organization For Social Media Safety, visited with our 5th and 6th grade students to teach them about how to use social media safely. Ed started this non-profit after his own son was a victim to a social media “challenge”. He emphasized that you don’t have to stay off of social media, but rather to use it wisely. He spoke about the importance of blocking and reporting any hate speech, harassments, cyberbullying, etc. After the incident with his son, Ed even got Jordan’s Law passed, in which if there is a case of extreme circumstances, the person responsible will be charged with a felony and if there is an accomplice they will be charged too.

It was a powerful presentation. The students learned that not taking action against the negative side of social media is still an action. Later that night, parents of students from both the Elementary and High school were invited to hear the presentation for themselves. Thank you, Ed, for coming to speak and teaching students and parents about this important topic!

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