PoES Teacher of the Year

Vermont UVM Teacher of the Year


Amy Kelley-Edwards, Grade Four Teacher

Poultney Elementary School


Amy Kelley has been a teacher at Poultney Elementary School for the past fourteen years, serving as both a special educator and a classroom teacher. During this time she achieved a Master’s Degree in Reading, all the while supporting her students in their learning by being creative, innovative and dedicated. Having high standards for her students, as well as for herself, Amy understands the importance of building character and thus, provides a classroom environment which fosters responsibility, respect and empathy. Her students set an example as they embrace each other’s opinions, ideas and differences, supporting a growth mindset and preparing them to be leaders amongst their peers.  Amy has welcomed new initiatives through the implementation of project-based learning which assists her students in taking ownership and in identifying their own strengths, building independence and confidence. She has been instrumental in guiding her team in identifying priority standards and performance indicators to advance a consistent approach in expectations across the supervisory union. Amy demonstrates colleagueship when talking about student performance and bases decisions collaboratively using data as a guide in this process. One of Amy’s best attributes, in addition to her cooperative and flexible nature, is that she brings a passion for learning and leads by example to ensure that students reach their fullest potential!



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