Sledding & Basketball

At the beginning of December, we received a decent amount of snow for all ages to enjoy. In P.E. class, students certainly took advantage of that.

In the beginning of the class period, students were working on their basketball skills. Learning how to pass, dribble up and down the court, and shoot baskets. They were certainly starting to get the hang of it. However, halfway through the period, students quickly changed into their snow gear and headed outside. Upon walking outside, you can see that students have taken advantage of the snow during recess, as many snowmen populated the PoES grounds. Students were sharing sleds and taking turns sliding down the hill next to the playground. However, they deemed this not extremely productive, so they moved to the pathway next to the school that boasted a much bigger, more appropriate hill to slide down. Students were racing down the hill, climbing back up and handing their sled off to the next willing participant.

Students certainly enjoyed this P.E. class period. Check out some of the highlights below!

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