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Teacher of The Year: Mrs. Tami White!

Tami White

Tami White has been a teacher at Poultney Elementary School for the past seven years. During this time she has achieved a Master’s Degree in mathematics, all the while supporting her students in their learning by being creative, innovative and kind. Tami understands the importance of building character and thus, provides a classroom environment which fosters responsibility, respect and empathy. Mrs. White has embraced new initiatives through the implementation of project-based learning which assists her students in taking ownership of their learning and identify their own strengths so that they may become confident in their ideas and beliefs. In addition to being highly revered by her students and parents, she is also a quiet leader amongst her peers, sharing resources and modeling new programs and practices. One of her best attributes, in addition to her sense of humor, passion and dedication that she brings to teaching, is that she is most reflective in her thinking, always striving to be the best and give the best to every child. Tami advocates for what children need and exemplifies professionalism and integrity.

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All GRCSU Schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.