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The phone number to reach Poultney Elementary School is 802-287-5212. To reach a specific staff member, their extensions are below.

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Poultney Elementary School Staff

Alicia Wuesthoff

School-Based Clinician

Ext: 7032

Amy Kelley-Edwards

Grade 4 Teacher

Hi! I'm the 4th grade teacher at P.E.S. My favorite thing about my job is I love working with all my students, colleages, and the 3/4 Dream Team. A fun fact is I enjoy going to the beach in the summer!
4th Grade
Ext: 7017

April Morse

Kindergarten Teacher

Becky Eggleston

School Counselor

I've been a school counselor for 15 years. My favorite thing about my job is having students come up to me and giving me a hug, as well as telling me I helped them in some sort of way. A fun fact about me is I love pigs and want to have one for a pet.
School Counselor Website
Ext: 7032

Brooke Hawley

Special Education

I am a Special Educator. I spend most of my time with 5th and 6th grade students. It is my first year teaching! My favorite thing about teaching is seeing the progress children make and watching them grow. My job gives me the opportunity to form strong relationships with children. A fun fact about me is I love to take photographs in my free time.
Special Education Website
Ext: 7010

Chad Pulver

Grade 3 Teacher

This is my fourth year teaching 3rd grade. My favorite things about teaching are that I love education, I love impacting someone's life, and watching the students grow and reach their goals.
3rd Grade Website
Ext: 7016

Danielle Dunleavy

Kindergarten Teacher

I currently teach Kindergarten. This is my third year in Kindergarten. I taught Special Education here at Poultney for three years beforehand. My favorite thing about teaching is I love this age level. The kiddos are so interested in learning and the stories they tell are always interesting. A fun fact about me is I love to travel. I was very fortunate to be able to travel to many different countries including Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and Peru. I hope to travel more in the future.
Ms. Dunleavy's Kindergarten
Ext: 7003

Deborah Purdy

Art Teacher

This is my 8th year teaching elementary art at P.E.S. My favorite thing about my job is the kids, the crafts, and the fun. A fun fact about me is I love ultimate frisbee and the clarinet.
Art Class
Ext: 7027

Emma Wood

RMH Clinician

I am the Rutland Mental Health School Based Clinician at Poultney Elementary School, and I provide individual and family therapy to our students and their families. I love working with kids! I believe we can learn so much from children, and I admire the incredible curiosity, resilience, unique perspectives, and playfulness that they bring into this world. I also believe it is important for families to feel connected and supported - And I’m inspired every day by the children and families I work with, as they show incredible courage, vulnerability, dedication, and strength in their willingness to share their stories, challenges, and successes. I love singing and whistling, and I enjoy staying active by running, hiking, skiing, and playing soccer.
Ext: 7013

Heather Weeden

Ext: 7024

Janelle Pease

Special Education

I've been in special education for 9 years. My favorite thing about teaching is I love working with students in different grade levels. I love seeing students shine and feeling proud of their accomplishments.
Special Education Website
Ext: 7010

Jenna Lloyd

Grade 1 Teacher

I've been teaching 1st grade for 5 years now, while previously I worked 2 years in Special Education. My favorite thing is that I'm always busy. A fun fact about me is that white and black are my favorite colors.
Ms. Lloyd's Class Website
Ext: 7006

Johanna DeKalb


I have taught Library/media at PES for 6.5 years. Before coming to Poultney, I was a classroom teacher for 6 years at St. Mary's School in Ticonderoga, NY. My favorite thing about teaching and being a librarian is getting kids excited about books, and about reading! I also love that I see students from Pre-K all the way up to 12th grade and get to see them grow and change.
Library/Media Website
Ext: 7021

Kathryn Riley

Speech Language Pathologist

I've been in Speech Language therapy for over 30 years. My favorite thing about my job is working with the students to help them improve their communication skills. A fun fact about me is I like to quilt.
Ext: 7024

Katina Carayiannis

Music Teacher

I've been teaching music for 5 years. My favorite thing about teaching is hearing students make beautiful music and having fun! A fun fact about me is I can play over a dozen instruments.
Music Class Website
Ext: 7011

Kay Mahoney

Grade 2 Teacher

Hi! I taught Grade 5 for 16 years and I've been teaching 2nd grade for 4 years. My favorite thing about teaching is learning from my students, and watching them persevere through challenges to become more independent learners. Fun facts about me are that I love teaching at P.E.S, horses, yoga, and kayaking. I dislike bananas and snakes immensely!
2nd Grade
Ext: 7007

Keith Harrington

Grade 5/6 Teacher

Mr. Harrington has been teaching at Poultney Elementary School for 24 years. For several years Mr. Harrington taught 6th grade, but has also taught 5/6 and 4/5. Currently Mr. Harrington is the 5/6 Social Studies and Science teacher. My passion is social studies, specifically the Vermont History Day and National History Day competitions. He has been the NHD advisor at PoES and PoHS for 16 years and his students have qualified for nationals 16 years in a row. He's has also worked for NHD as the Behring Teacher Ambassador for Vermont. He has twice been the University of Vermont Teacher of the Year for the district, has been named the Rutland County and State of Vermont VFW History Teacher of the Year, the National History Day Kenneth Behring Teacher of the Year for Vermont and the James F. Harris National History Day Teacher of the Year for Vermont. He lives in Hartford, New York with his wife Cathy, son Terrence and dogs Chloe and Maddie.
Grades 5/6
Ext: 7018

Kelsey McGinnis

Ext: 7024

Kim Babcock


Ext: 7025

Kristen Caliguiri


Ext: 7002

Larissa Roy

Flow Room

My favorite thing about my job are the students and how they continue to amaze me with their acceptance of others. A fun fact about me is I graduated with only 5 other people.
Ext: 7028

Leanna DeBonis


I've taught K-6th literacy for over 12 years. My favorite thing about teaching is that I love making connections with my students. I enjoy the small group interaction and watching each student grow academically. A fun fact about me is I ran the Boston Marathon in 2000.
Ext: 7015

Margo MacDonald

Reading Interventionist

I've been a reading interventionist a "long time". My favorite part of my job is engaging with students. A fun fact about me is I like to ride on motorcycles.
Reading Interventionist
Ext: 7024

Maureen Kahill-Brown

Grade 5/6 Teacher

I have taught 5th & 6th grade for about 5 years. My favorite thing about my position is the fun I have with my students and teaching partners. A fun fact is that I have 2 wonderful children and 6 amazing dogs. My favorite quote: The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience - Eleanor Roosevelt.
Grades 5/6
Ext: 7019

Patty Diehlmann

Special Education

This is my 2nd year in Special Education. My favorite thing about teaching is getting to know the students. A fun fact is that I have 7 daughters, 1 son, 2 granddaughters, and 2 grandsons.
Special Education Website
Ext: 7010

Rich Holcomb


Ext: 7029

Roy Fifield

P.E. Teacher

I've taught (K-6) 15 years, and (7-12) the first four years of my 15 years. I really enjoy seeing the students improvements from the beginning of the year to the end of the school year. A fun fact is I used to race Dirt cars for ten years. I love to hunt and fish, and I have three dogs.
PE Class Website
Ext: 7031

Sally Godfrey

Grade 1 Teacher

Hi! I've taught PreK, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 5th & 6th grade. This is my 29th year teaching and I have a Master's in General Education. My favorite thing about teaching is the kids! A fun fact is that M&Ms are my go to everyday!
Mrs. Godfrey's 1st Grade
Ext: 7005

Smith Donelon


Classroom Website
Ext: 7015

Susan Ciccarelli


Ext: 7030

Susan Gay

Pre-K Teacher

This is my first year teaching Pre-K. Prior to this, I was in Special Education for 2 years. My favorite thing about teaching is helping students realize and reach their potential. A fun fact is I'm an active member of the Fair Haven Rotary Club.
Ext: 7110

Tami White

Grade 3 Teacher

Tami White has been a teacher at Poultney Elementary School for the past seven years. During this time she has achieved a Master’s Degree in mathematics, all the while supporting her students in their learning by being creative, innovative and kind. Tami understands the importance of building character and thus, provides a classroom environment which fosters responsibility, respect and empathy. Mrs. White has embraced new initiatives through the implementation of project-based learning which assists her students in taking ownership of their learning and identify their own strengths so that they may become confident in their ideas and beliefs. In addition to being highly revered by her students and parents, she is also a quiet leader amongst her peers, sharing resources and modeling new programs and practices. One of her best attributes, in addition to her sense of humor, passion and dedication that she brings to teaching, is that she is most reflective in her thinking, always striving to be the best and give the best to every child. Tami advocates for what children need and exemplifies professionalism and integrity.
Ext: 7008

Tammy Moyer

Executive Assistant

I've been executive assistant for 28 years. My favorite thing about my job is the kids. Fun facts about me are that I live on a farm and I have 4 cats.
Ext: 7001

Tia Hewes

Grade 5/6 Teacher

I've been 5th/6th grade teacher for 17 years, and I was 3rd/4th grade teacher at Wallingford Elementary for 7 years. My favorite things about teaching are planning, teaching, and sharing my enthusiasm with students about math. Fun facts about me are I love travelling, camping, walking my dogs, and working out.
Grades 5/6
Ext: 7009

Trista Matteson

Grade 2 Teacher

2nd Grade
Ext: 7014

Vinnie Covino

Technology Coordinator

Ext: 7020